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KC Turner Presents: press

KC is a spark plug in the little acoustic singer songwriter scene.
I love playing KC’s shows. The audiences are ready to listen, the rooms are lovely and the host (KC) is always wonderfully present and enthusiastic. I leave his shows thinking oh yeah - this is why I do what I do.
KC cultivates a wonderfully intimate setting for both the audience and the musicians alike. It is an honor to play for such appreciative and respectful music lovers. It is clear that KC has a passion for music and he generously shares that passion with his community in such a tangible way.
I enjoyed the intimate setting and the laid back feel of KC Turner's house concert series. It's a perfect way to let it all hang out and really connect with a small group of hardcore fans.
I never did get to go to a speakeasy or a rent party. But, the tradition is alive and well here in San Francisco thanks to KC Turner. He's keeping that ball rolling, bringing people together to take in live music in informal settings.
I took a shine to KC the first time I met him. I don't know what it was, but he became one of the crew right away. Just gave him my number and said call me anytime and I'll put you on the list. That's a very special quality that I've only seen in a few people and KC's got it in spades.
I've enjoyed playing KC's house concerts over the years, he has an incredible knack for spotting talent and a gift for connecting artists and audiences. He's a guy I want on my team any day.
These things are incredible. I play a lot of house concerts in a lot of different places and KC Turner's are always the best ones.

Good promoters are essential to independent artists. Without them you're fending for yourself. KC is an excellent ally. I would trust him with any show, anywhere.

KC Turner is everything needed in a concert promoter: he's enthusiastic about what he's doing, hardworking, completely trustworthy, and knows his music. Guys like KC are what keep the live music world turning, he just gets it 100%.
KC Turner is the concert king of the Bay Area.
KC is one of the good ones in a world filled with mediocre ones. He puts his heart into it and cares more than anyone I’ve met, other than my Mom and Dad of course. He’s a peach and a gentleman and a hustler. A triple combo threat. If I ever have a child I’m going to name him or her KC Turner Poltz.
We had a blast playing KC Turner's house concert series! Normally when we play house concerts it tends to be a little stuffy and disconnected, but KC knows how to put on a party! It was pretty much a living room music party...just the way we like it.
What makes a successful house concert? Many folks would say that the main ingredients are a gifted artist or two, and a cozy home. That’s true enough, but those can only take you so far without a focused promotional campaign in advance and a well-organized team onsite for the show. I’ve done three shows with KC Turner so far, and he has consistently displayed more drive and more focus than any other promoter I’ve ever worked with—period. Every concert KC presents is a smashing success.
I first met KC Turner through my last band, The Paper Raincoat. We performed at one of his house concert series. He is one of the most energetic, hard-working promoters I've met and he seems determined to revolutionize the SF music scene. I always love doing shows with him because he puts 150% into them and cares as much as the artist about making the show a success.
KC Turner might be the next Bill Graham.
It's pretty rad to just be able to hangout and play music, because it's what it's all about.
If you don't know the name KC Turner, you don't know the bay area music scene.
At a house show, everyone has to use the same toilet. It’s a great equalizer.
KC Turner looks like he's 12 years old and he's really'd think those two traits wouldn't make a good combo in the music business, but in fact, this bad ass can get anyone to do exactly what he wants them to of the most self-motivated people I've ever met and just a great guy!
KC is in that top echelon of coolness…genuine, relatable, enthusiastic; a real mover & shaker. His concerts have all of the elements that make you love live music, on stage or from the audience - connectedness, energy, love, and that spark of "x-factor" that makes things just feel good. Like, an "I'm really glad I'm here, because this is only happening once" feeling. The real deal.
What KC brings to the music scene is a very refreshing heart felt approach. I have been in the music business my whole life and it is full of jaded people. He brings a new dimension that has been missing for many years.

KC you're such a special one. thanks for always putting on such a great night, the energy you bring to the room has such an impact on everyone. Thank you for letting me be part of it! Always a pleasure, super appreciate it!

KC Turner is one of the true pioneers of the future of live music.
KC is a great guy. Every house show I've done with him has been organized with great care and is filled with a kind and present audience. He has created a very nice music scene.
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